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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Knowledgeable Movers Answer Your Moving Questions

1. When should I begin contacting movers?

It is a good idea to try to provide the moving company with as much notice as possible when you're planning on moving to a new home or business. Usually 2 to 4 weeks is enough to make sure you get the move date you need. Moving’s busy season typically falls between May and August. But a 4 to 6 week lead time is a a better time to start if you are interested in interviewing movers.

2. How much will my move cost?

Sarge's Moving Services, LLC. usually bills on an hourly basis. Call us at 979-300-7400 or email us at info@sargesmoving.com to request move pricing. If you can give us an idea of what you are moving, we can give you a fairly close estimate to the actual moving price over the phone or via email.

For more accurate moving estimates we recommend our clients use our online estimate form (where they can enter all of the inventory for their move), or contact us to set up an in-home estimate.

Our in-home estimates are much more accurate and end up typically being within (+/-) 10% of the total move price.

3. What does and in-home estimate involve and how much does it cost?
An in-home estimate is completely FREE and scheduled at a time which is convenient for you.

During an in-home estimate one of our personal move coordinators will come by and visit with you at a time which is most convenient for you. We will take an inventory of the items you need us to move, then discuss our moving techniques and recommend to you how to save time and money during your move. Also, our team member will ask you if you might need packing or any other of the many services Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC offers. After we have discussed your moving needs with you, we will email you a customized written estimate for you to review.

4. Does Sarge's have any minimums?

Yes. We charge a two-hour minimum on all jobs. On moves when we are using our trucks, we charge drive time for our moves. Thus, getting to and from anywhere in Bryan-College Station usually takes about 30 minutes round trip. So, if we pick up one or two items and it takes us 30 minutes of drive time and 30 minutes to load the total time working would be 1 hour, however the minimum is 2 hours of billing. After the second hour of billing we charge by the half hour.

5. How do I book a move with Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC?

There are several ways to schedule a move with Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC. The best way is to call or email us to check pricing and availability. Usually, with a brief discussion over the phone about what you will be moving we can recommend the number of men and type of equipment that will best suite your moving needs. We can give you an hourly price and an average price range to expect for your move. After you have chosen a move date and time to start Sarge’s will email you a deposit invoice which once paid will lock in your move date and time.

6. Does Sarge's require a deposit for my move?

Yes, we do request a 1 hour of service deposit for each move. This deposit is used to hold your move date and time and is applied towards your total moving price.

7. Am I protected against loss or damage while my things are in transit?

Although our moving staff will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages unfortunately may occur. Sarge's Moving Services, LLC is fully insured. We provide Basic Coverage at no additional cost.

8. What if I need to add or remove items from my moving list?

You can contact us with any updates about your moving inventory or logistics. Ultimately, if we end up moving more or less items than originally planned it may affect your total price up or down based on our hourly price.

9. Will Sarge’s load all the boxes I have packed?

If the driver and crew deem that the boxes are safe for transport and closed properly we will load and move them. Should any boxes appear damaged, unstable or contain hazardous materials prior to loading, the driver will notify you of their condition and discuss repacking of those boxes.

10. Can I leave items in drawers?

Usually leaving clothing in drawers is completely ok. We are going to blanket and shrink-wrap all your furniture for transit so that it is secure and protected against scratches or damage. We recommend that you do take out any loose items like jewelry, fragile or breakable items, liquids like perfumes etc. Desk drawers are usually best emptied because sometimes we must turn desks on their sides to get them in and out of the house.

11. My move date changed. What should I do?

Contact your move coordinator as soon as you can if your move dates have changed. They can process any changes to your plan and discuss updates. Usually, we can work around a schedule change with enough notification time. We also offer storage options.

12. Does Sarge’s offer Packing Services?

Yes. Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC can help you pack your entire house or just the items you did not get a chance to pack. We can also help you pack those items that are very fragile. Packing services are something we usually do the day or two before the move so if you need help packing please notify us before you move date.

13. What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

Before your things are packed and loaded, please take some time to look over the items that we cannot put on a truck. Hazardous and perishable materials are not allowed. And, although we may allow some perishables under certain circumstances, we recommend that you keep sentimental or personally important items with you.

  • Hazardous Items
    • Aerosol cans
    • Ammonia
    • Ammunition
    • Car batteries
    • Charcoal/lighter fluid
    • Charged scuba tanks
    • Chemistry sets
    • Cleaning solvents
    • Darkroom chemicals
    • Fertilizer
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Fireworks
    • Flares
    • Fuels/Oils
    • Household batteries
    • Kerosene
    • Liquid bleach
    • Loaded guns
    • Matches
    • Mineral spirits
    • Nail polish/nail polish remover
    • Paint thinners
    • Paints/varnishes
    • Pesticides
    • Poisons
    • Pool chemicals
    • Propane tanks
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Solvents
    • Sterno fuel
    • Weed killer
    • Perishables**
  • Food without adequate preservation
    • Frozen food
    • Open or half-used foods
    • Plants
    • Produce
    • Refrigerated foods

**If you are moving less than 150 miles and your items will be delivered within 24 hours of pickup, Sarge's Moving may agree to transport perishables that are properly packed and require no servicing in transit.

If we are moving your refrigerators and freezers please unplug, defrost and keep appliance doors open for at least 24 hours in advance of loading. This will allow appliances to dry out and prevent the growth of mold.

  • Personal importance/sentimental value***
    • Address books
    • Airline tickets
    • Car titles
    • Cash
    • Cellphones
    • Checkbooks
    • Computer data files/backups
    • Family photographs/photo albums
    • Financial documents (stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, deeds, tax records)
    • Home videos
    • Insurance policies
    • Jewelry and furs
    • Keys (car, furniture, new home)
    • Laptop computers
    • Medical/dental records
    • New home documents
    • Prescription medicine
    • Professional files/research projects
    • School records

***Although the items listed here are allowable, we recommend that you keep these important items with you.

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