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Let Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC Do the Heavy Lifting

Every home or office is unique, and consequently, everyone has different needs when it comes to moving services. Sometimes our clients only need help loading or unloading. This is especially the case when you have rented your moving truck yourself, whether you're moving across town or the state. Sarge's Moving Services is a full-service moving company with a wide range of services available. We provide loading and unloading services for our residential and commercial customers in the Bryan-College Station area. When you hire us to load or unload your moving truck, our movers bring our tools, dollies, and shrink wrap—ensuring that the job is done safely, quickly, and economically.

To learn more about our loading and unloading services, contact us at (979) 300-7400. We offer a 10% military discount and free, in-home estimates.

We Are Moving Specialists

At Sarge's Moving Services, LLC, we guarantee the safest, smoothest, and easiest loading and unloading process around. Our loading specialists are very experienced. You can rest assured that the truck will be loaded properly with heavier boxes on the bottom, lighter boxes and boxes with contents marked fragile on the top, and furniture stacked evenly. This method helps protect your belongings during transit and makes unloading more efficient at your destination.

Our process includes:

  • A detailed moving plan, outlining your selected services
  • A full inventory of items to be loaded and unloaded
  • Shrink-wrapping and blanketing of all furniture to protect from dings and scratches
  • A team of professional movers
  • Moving truck unloading services
  • Clear and explained moving insurance coverage plans

Our Bryan-College Station loading and unloading team will transition all of your belongings into your new home by putting down threshold protectors to maintain safe and clean walkways. When loading, we label each box to the corresponding room where it is to be unloaded, ensuring your unpacking is as smooth as your move in.

When Value Matters, Call Us

Moving can be an expensive process, and surprise costs can cause undue stress, especially when you don’t have a thorough plan in place. At Sarge's Moving Services, LLC, we work to provide clients with clear, honest pricing structures and direct communication throughout the process. We know things can change quickly during a move, and so when a change affects your loading and unloading price, we let you know right away. When you need quality moving truck unloading services, our Bryan-College Station loading and unloading movers are committed to providing you with unparalleled customer experience.

Our prices for loading and unloading are based on a combination of factors, including the:

  • Number of loaders/unloaders you need
  • Amount of time needed to complete the job
  • Items being moved and their size
  • Moving conditions at the loading and unloading sites

When you hire Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC to handle the loading and unloading of your truck, there are no surprises. We go over everything with you when booking your move, and if you need to adjust something, we update your contract immediately.

Average Cost Estimate for Loading & Unloading Services

Sarge’s unloading teams are experienced with the unloading process so that your truck is unloaded in a safe and proficient manner. We will transition all of your belonging into your new home by putting down threshold protectors to maintain a safe and clean walkway as we enter and leave your home. We will be sure to get each box that is labeled into the corresponding room so your unpacking is as smooth as you move in.

Our typical charge is per loader/unloader per hour. We have designed a basic chart to tell you how long it takes to perform a job. Some clients may only need help to load/unloading the larger items, and so they may book two loaders/unloaders for 2 hours. We bill for the time we work, so if you think you need loaders/unloaders for 4 hours but it only takes us 3 hours to complete the job, you will only be billed for 3 hours!

A Moving Company with Integrity

At Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC, we will never take advantage of you. We never pressure customers to buy products or services they do not need, and we always do what we say we will do. We never waste time to try and charge you more. Instead, we work to make your move is as efficient as possible. If you hire our loaders and unloaders for four hours, but the job only takes three hours, we only charge you for three hours. Our Bryan-College Station movers are committed to professionalism and always act with honesty. When you want to work with a mover that you can trust, call Sarge's Moving Services, LLC.

Professional. Economical. Reliable. Contact Sarge’s Moving Services, LLC at (979) 300-7400. We show up on time, professionally dressed, and ready to get to work.

The Best Move You Will Make

Everything Handled With Care
  • We Give Back to the Veteran Community
  • Locally Owned
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  • 20 Years Combined Experience of Owners/Managers
  • Free Estimates & Convenient Scheduling

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