Specialty Moving Services

Sarge’s Moving Services provides professional specialty moving services across the Bryan / College Station area as well as the surrounding areas. Our professional staff of movers focuses on our clients’ specialty moving needs by providing safe and secure packing options for all your antiques, pianos, safes, and more. Our clients’ valuables are extremely important to us and we will securely pack, protect, assemble, reassemble, and handle your valuables with extra care- while assessing your specific needs to make sure the job gets done right and you get your valuables to the new location in one piece.

Specialty Moving Services That We Offer

Artwork & Antiques

Sarge’s Moving Services provides for the safe and secure packing, crating, and transport of paintings, antiques, sculptures, tapestries, and other types of artwork. We request that our clients who intend on having us move their artwork make an appointment with one of our specialists in order to assess the exact transportation needs for each piece (or their entire collection). We can then provide a detailed plan regarding the proper materials we recommend to pack each type of art, as well as suggest the handling techniques and transportation environment. This allows us to give each client our best possible transportation recommendations for that piece or for their entire collection.


Sarge’s Moving offers a range of crating services. We typically visit our clients to assess their exact crating needs, measure the item they will be creating, get an estimation of value, and then build a custom crate designed specifically for that piece. Smaller pieces may be transported to our warehouse for custom crating, or if the item is too large to be transported we can build the custom crate on site. We also offer crating services that can be completely independent of our moving services. Solid custom crates are often built on-site for an item that is to be shipped by another transportation company.

Grandfather Clocks

Transporting grandfather clocks requires great care. We take several steps to ensure safe and secure transport, including:

  1. Wear protective gloves when handling and removing the weights and pendulum.
  2. Carefully wrap the weights and pendulum for safe transport, labeled with each weight’s proper position.
  3. We blanket and shrink-wrap the clock before we load and secure it for transport.

When the clock arrives at your new home, the same patience and care are used to set up your clock. We will rehang the weights and pendulum and reset the time before starting the clock.


Sarge’s Moving Services provides moving options for upright, baby grand, and even grand pianos. We provide specialized equipment to cover flooring, disassemble, load, transport, and unload each type of piano. We do request that our clients notify us before the move for a couple of reasons:

  1. So that we can provide options and provide the proper equipment. Pianos differ in size and type so they may need a different type of equipment.
  2. So that we send the correct number of professionals needed to do the job safely.

Pool Tables

Sarge’s Moving can help by disassembling and moving your pool table. We recommend that a professional pool table company handle the balancing and felting that most pool tables require upon reassembly.


We move many different kinds of safes, from small office safes to large gun safes. Specialized equipment is often needed to protect flooring. It’s often also necessary to make sure that the safe is loaded, transported, unloaded, and positioned/mounted correctly at its destination. The right planning and proper equipment are essential to moving safely correctly and carefully. We ask our clients to contact us if the gun safe they will be moving exceeds 300lbs so that we can arrange a time which is convenient for them to meet with us to assess and plan the safe moving & be sure to have the appropriate equipment, number of movers and take the proper precautions to protect the safety and the home when moving those particular items.

Specialty Moving Services is a huge part of our business and one that we are proud to offer. We are happy to help however we can- whether you choose us to move everything or just a single piece. If you have any questions or would like a specialty estimate, please contact us using the link below.