The Sarge’s Moving Support Program

Sarge’s Moving Services is a professional College Station moving company that cares about our community. We are truly blessed to live and work in not only the best community but the greatest country in the world. The company’s founders know that without the sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces we would not have the opportunities and freedoms that we have today. With this in mind, we wanted to start a company that not only provided a great moving service, but also one that could continually give back to our community. We were geared specifically toward our Veterans, to which we all owe so very much. We also wished to give to local organizations. This ideal has inspired the Sarge’s Moving Support Program.

The Sarge’s Moving Support Program

Truly, nothing we can say or do as a thank you to those who have served will ever be enough. Still, we wanted to start a small way that we could continuously give our appreciation to our Veteran community for their service. Our Sarge’s Moving Support Program gives back in many ways, such as:

  1. Offering employment opportunities to Veterans who might be looking for work.
  2. Offering discounts to the Veterans that we move.
  3. Contributing a percentage of the profit from every move.
  4. Donating money raised through sales of donated furniture.

Furniture Donations

Sometimes our clients and friends buy new furniture to replace the items they have. Their old items have to go somewhere, and that is where the Sarge’s Moving Support Program comes in. Through our program, we advertise those pieces of furniture for sale using our website and social media platforms. We ask the buyer to pick from our list of local and Veteran organizations and then donate the proceeds directly to their choice.